Project Management: Things the “Top 2%” Get Right

Andy Crowe’s “Alpha Project Managers,” published in 2006.

Crowe surveyed over 3,000 project managers and their co-workers/supervisors in order to identify the “top 2%” of project managers (“alpha project managers”). He tried to identify PMs who were consistently rated as excellent by the people they worked with and their customers. Once he found them, he zeroed in on their work habits and PM techniques.

Some of the interesting findings:

  • Alphas respond to fewer emails/day and spend less time in meetings than non-alphas, yet people rated them as being more responsive than non-alphas.
  • Alphas establish explicit communication expectations, and adhere to them stringently.
  • Alphas sent much shorter communications than their non-alpha peers.
  • Alphas spent twice as much time in the planning phase of their projects than did non-alphas.
  • Alphas used informal networks to get things done much more often than non-alphas (who stuck to formal channels).
  • Alphas were much more aware or how their bosses were being measured (ROI, etc.) than non-alphas.

— Excerpted from the review

Author: Alex T. Silverstein

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