How to Trace/Capture Web Service & REST HTTP Requests Using Fiddler in 3 Easy Steps

1) Download the awesome Fiddler app from here: Fiddler @ Telerik

2) Install Fiddler, then right-click its shortcut icon and click Run as Administrator.

3) Add the following configuration section within the node of your web.config:

<proxy bypassonlocal="false" usesystemdefault="false" proxyaddress="" />

This section tells your server-side code to use Fiddler (running on its default port of 8888 on localhost) as its proxy for the server-side HTTP requests it makes.

Make your web service or REST calls and enjoy!

.NET Web API – Transform dynamic result to JSON

protected HttpResponseMessage JsonApiRespond(dynamic input)
  string jsonResult = JsonConvert.SerializeObject(input, _jsonSettings);
  HttpResponseMessage response = this.Request.CreateResponse(HttpStatusCode.OK);
  response.Content = new StringContent(jsonResult, Encoding.UTF8, "application/json");
  return response;